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Visual Identity

The Film Center of Serbia is a cultural institution of national importance in the field of cinematography. When creating the creative concept, we decided on the principles of clarity, simplicity and adaptability. Visual identity is shaped as a modular system and a functional basis for long-term development within different channels of communication.

The logo represents a stylised form of a film camera (composed of two film-reels in the national colours of Serbia and a triangle-shaped lens). The modern geometric approach enables technical, artistic and contextual adaptability, and it's further upgrades. A set of 5 additional graphic elements (individually or together as a recognisable pattern) semantically supports and expands the narration of the FCS without moving away from the logo as a basis. Such a pattern can be combined with film sequences / portrait photos of famous actors, creating a large number of authentic illustrations.

The main task of FCS visual identity is to attractively connect the rich heritage, the knowledge of the present with the technologies of the future.


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