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Visual Identity

StudioO3Design is a well-known architectural office based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Their scope of work ranges from small to large projects, commercial (residential, office) and public buildings (museums, sports facilities).

We decided to "translate" the basic elements of spatial design (light, volume, material and composition) into an elegant and minimalist visual system. The logo represents a stylized floor plan of buildings, which is then modularly adapted to other communication formats. At the same time, we wanted to emphasize the creative process and the personal approach of the designers - we complemented the visual identity with authentic sketches of their architectural projects.


All images within this gallery are copyrighted to Studio 360 d.o.o. Some of these materials are under legal contracts with 3rd parties that have legal rights. Any users found to replicate, reproduce, distribute or otherwise use these images or ideas without our written permission will be in breach of copyright law.

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